Amity University

Pure secured Amity Solar carport and Rooftop

June 2018

Amity University Dubai campus is modern, spacious and aesthetically world-class

Housed on 15 acres of green field and located within the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), Amity University Dubai accommodates over 3,000 students and spans across 700,000 square feet. The campus has been designed to not only be a comfortable, authentic place of learning, but also an interactive, social and inspiring environment for students, faculty, leadership and guest lecturers.

Amity Dubai campus is more than just a space to learn, it is an innovative, iconic, vibrant, sustainable, and forward-looking global higher education institution, that has been especially designed to attract the best and brightest students and faculty, nurture talent, and promote collaboration, creativity and research.


Consortium of Cleanmax Solar Energy (Financier)with Pure Energy construction (EPC) to make solar rooftop and carport plant at Amity University. The plant capacity is 1.1 MWp ,out of which 227kWp is rooftop and the rest will be solar carport.

The unique solar carport structure will be supplied from Bluetop Denmark, YPSilon design has been approved by DCCA for this project. These structures are provided for both busport and carport.

Solar plant is subject to provide:
  • • Capacity: 1,085 kWp
  • • Project type: mix of carport and rooftop
  • • Module Type: Bifacial Mono Crystalline

  • • Annual yield generation: 1680 MWh
  • • Carbon Dioxide Abated: 590,620 kgCO2 Annually