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Specialized Solar Carport

Innovative & Sustainable Solar Carports

Pure Energy has developed partnership with Bluetop Solar Parking Denmark to study local project requirement and improve flexi design of the carports.

Main features of Solar Carports Solutions we provide:

  • - Long-spans, less posts
  • - Underground foundations
  • - Flexible orientations

  • - Lighter steel structure
  • - Easy installation & maintenance
  • - Provide comfortable shaded and covered parking

Our philosophy is dedication to continuous improvement and change management. We design efficient and prototype innovative carports for individual needs.

Please see for further information on the services we offer or contact us for a site visit to discuss your requirements.

For large players within infrastructure and parking industry, much more sustainable electricity must be provided. Local production and storage at the place of consumption is becoming key technology.

For local grids – microgrids – solar parking is a strong combination not only with general consumption but especially with the ideal combination with charging of electrical cars. EV charging will require a lot more local generation of electricity. For that reason solar carport is becoming a part of the Smart City solution.

Selection of type and location of Solar Carports installers Dubai and an anchor plays a crucial role. What type of anchor is being used?, what will be the location?, distance between the anchor and the working point, all should be taken care of.

The need of quality and design for Solar Carports installers Dubai varies from place to place. All SRLs have their unique quality designs. Considering the quality and type before buying the SRLs is always recommended.