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Solar LV Panels - LV panel or MDB is the point of connection to the existing distribution boards to feed it is the location at which Renewable Resource Generating Units, Renewable Resource Generating Plants as well as consumer loads are connected to the Network and where the Main Meter is installed. In the connection schemes this is also referred to as POC (Point of Connection)

Solar MDB - Solar MDB is a combined assembly of 4P MCCB breakers in the incoming & outgoing section. Provided with the grid monitoring interface protection relay to disconnect the solar generation system from public grid if there is any problem with the grid (unstable grid).

  • - Complying assembly as per IEC 61439-1 & 2 and DEWA regulation
  • - Manufactured to Form-2 & Form-4 construction
  • - Rated up to 3200A, 400/415V, 50Hz
  • - Ingress Protection of the panel shall be IP-42 / IP-54

  • - Incomer & outgoing breakers to be 4P MCCB
  • - Top & bottom cable entry provision
  • - Floor standing (solar LV panels) / Wall mounting (Solar MDB)
  • - Panel with front or rear access as per the requirement.

Grid monitoring interface protection relay - Grid monitoring interface protection relay is connected between the distributed generation and the public grid in order to disconnect the distributed generation in case of problems (e.g. unstable grid), faults or maintenance on the grid.

Solar meter cabinet - Meter cabinets are designed to house a smart meter for measuring the amount of energy which is generated by the solar plant.

Key Feature:

  • - Complying assembly as per IEC 60439-1 and DEWA regulation.
  • - default of protection: IP55 weather proof
  • - Provided with 4P Isolator & Smart meter

  • - Wall mounting
  • - Top & bottom cable entry provision

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