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16 Villas in various location in Dubai

16 Villas Solar Rooftop Plant

Pure Energy to finish EPC of 16 Villas rooftop systems in 28 days
November 2018

Pure energy has started installation of Solar PV systems on top of 16 villas in various communities across Dubai. This contract has been awarded by Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence.

The followings villas will be energized early January and get connected to DEWA grid.

Project Details



The electricity generation by solar PV systems on rooftop of these villas are expected to be from 5%-20% of total electricity consumptions. And accordingly, DEWA electricity bills to be decrease on a monthly basis as per Shams Dubai regulations.

The "Shams Dubai" initiative aims to encourage building and home owners to install photovoltaic panels on roofs to produce electricity from solar energy and connect them to the authority's network. The locally produced energy is consumed inside the building, with the surplus exported to the authority's network.

Ensure that the expert you are choosing for Shams Dubai will accept the method of payment you will offer, whether it is an insurance claim or an out-of-pocket option.

The process of finding an expert for Shams Dubai and the removal and reinstallation of solar panels is the same as finding an expert for a new installation. Make sure that a good amount of experience in this field and a good number of professionals. The time function is another important aspect to take care of while choosing the expert. Ask them how quickly your solar panels would start generating energy. It often takes quite a long time after reinstalling the panels.