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Solar PV System & Plants Retrofitting

Every plant installation has a defined design life and periodically major service and refurbishment will be required to extend the life of the plant.

Pure Energy is capable of managing projects and programmes through proper engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and beyond. We can support financing through third party if needed.

Pure Energy is open to do contract with authorities, financiers, developer, other EPC System integrators, commercial & industrial factories and homeowners.

The Pure Energy O&M Division are trained and equipped to conduct full plant surveys and carry out your partial modificatins or complete refurbishment.

Using Solar rooftop gulf countries systems to meet their energy has gained popularity in a few years. Its vital advantages and perks has drawn the concentration of various industrialists. Its advantages include sustainability and electricity prices which enough to make the commercialists linger around it. It also play a key role in achieving sustainability and decarbonization targets all over the nations.

There are various Solar PV Projects MENA models existing in the region.
The contractor will buy the Solar PV Projects MENA system on a clients premises and leases it for a fixed interval of time. The ownership will remain with the contractor during the lease period and will transfer at the zero cost to the client after the end of the contract.

Solar rooftop gulf countries an be a great alternative during this time. Opting for EPC/CAPEX model could be difficult during present situation. Instead, leasing model will be a better option. Project costs are also quite volatile during this time. Project activities have significantly slowed down.

We are left with very little non-renewable resources. It has significantly increased the cost of energy. Thus, managing the resources and energy is necessary. The smart energy management will check your energy consumption. They are designed especially to find potential energy losses and existing problems. Using Solar PV Mena can significantly reduce costs by up to 40%.

Being a high temperature, most of the energy is consumed in the buildings. There is a great need to reduce the consumption of the buildings and check the carbon footprint. The BEA project has checked the energy performance of 100 buildings with Solar PV Rooftop Installation Dubai, especially in hotels, schools, and shopping malls. The Dubai government aims to make Dubai one of the best sustainable cities in the world.

Services offered include:

  • - Supply in-depth performance report
  • - Strip out and removal of old equipment
  • - Inventory & spare parts management
  • - Refurbish or replace existing plant
  • - Monitor real time data

  • - Solar array cleaning
  • - Audit energy production
  • - addition of automatic & semi-automatic
       cleaning systems
  • - Evaluate maximum performance

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