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Energy Storage System

Energy Storage

An energy audit is the foundation for effective retrofit work. It is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). As a result it offers at a minimum a description of the building, its characteristics and its envelope, details of its energy and water consumption and costs, and subsequently recommendations for adequate technical and organizational measures to increase the energy efficiency of the audited building.

Dubai has set a new path for building Energy efficiency Dubai. It has drawn its attention towards the energy consumption in buildings. It joined Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA), a global body for cities. Then, they launched a pilot project to treasure the performance of 100 buildings.

The project has emphasized the roles of the stakeholders and strategic partners. It is gaining significant value from the contribution of different players. We hope to achieve Energy efficiency Dubai targets.

Pure energy provides energy storage system for a stable, flexible and efficient energy supply. The optimized systems enable fast response times to variations in demand and supply, helping to maintain grid stability and ensuring reliable and high-quality energy supplies through a range of applications.

Benefits of Energy Storage

  • • Make renewable energy reliable and dispatchable
  • • Provide additional services to ensure stable grid operation
  • • Providing power to the grid as a standalone asset.

  • • Suitable for all grid-tied and hybrid applications
  • • Optimum integration of PV into the existing infrastructure

Our Service includes

  • • Supply of Energy storage system
  • • Supply of spare & consumables
  • • Technical support & After sales services

  • • Installation and commissioning
  • • Maintenance
  • • Extensions, upgrade and retrofits

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