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Pure Energy is capable of managing projects and programmes through proper engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and beyond. We can support financing through third party if needed.

A hybrid system is a grid-connect system where the grid ultimately serves as your back up power source; it also saves you money as hybrid systems are much cheaper than off-grid systems.

Panels generate solar power on your rooftop Solar energy generated directly powers your working appliances Excess power generated from your panels is directed to charge your battery Once your battery fully charges, the excess power flows back to the grid When the sun isn’t shining, energy stored in your battery will power your appliances If your battery is empty and the sun isn’t shining, you purchase power from the grid.

We all aware of benefits of opting an Electric car and Solar PV engineering. It doesn’t use diesel/petrol as fuels, it means there will be no carbon emission. This will check the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, decreasing the level of green house gases. It means it is totally an eco-friendly option. Solar PV engineering is undoubtedly cost efficient option. An electric vehicle costs 3 to 4 times less than fueling the vehicle. Electricity is much cheaper in Dubai as compared to the fuels. This can save a significant amount of money in long term.

The demand for installing a Solar Hybrid System is continuously decreasing in India. Looking at the present situation, people have stopped considering this sector. Still, there is an optimum demand in the market. Companies are ensuring their best services along with safety and precautions. They are maintaining work on-site along with all necessary precautions.

Pure Energy is open to do contract with authorities, financiers, developer, other EPC System integrators, commercial & industrial factories and homeowners.

our services includes:

  • Complete scope of work from inception to completion
  • Solar rooftop, carport & ground mount
  • Local authorities approval
  • Grid tie solar systems & plants

  • PV Diesel Hybrid (fuel-save) Systems
  • Standalone photovoltaic system and power plants
  • Efficient solar lighting
  • Partial EPCC Contracts
  • Energy storage system

Please see for further information on the services we offer or contact us for a site visit to discuss your requirements.