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We do Support both our own installations as well as installations by others, we understand the importance of our client solar plants working 24/7 for a long term, therefore our team ensures that all of our clients' solar system are up and running again in the shortest time possible, with the minimum disruption.

Our trained engineers operate within the region and throughout our installed solar PV plants, ensuring that you are happy with both the standards of our initial installation, and continue to be happy for many years to come.

Pure Energy offers you a tailored, high quality operation and maintenance arrangement that will help your installation stay clear of breakdowns and minimize the risk of any solar PV plant disruption, which can lead to extended plant downtime and the consequent loss of both revenue and reputation at a client’s solar plant.

Our O & M agreements are tailored to each of our customers' specific requirements, and by using only quality equipment’s for each of our installation/repairs, we ensure that the solar PV system is in perfect working order when we have completed.

Installation of Solar PV O & M services should be carried out by professionals who have sufficient knowledge and experience. It should be ensured that no damage will be done to the panels. In case of any adverse situation, professionals should have adequate ideas to tackle the problem.

To maintain their name, companies offer several Solar PV O & M services to the customers. All have their considerations. Here we have concluded some basic services that a company will offer.

Opting an electric vehicle is definitely a great choice. It offers numerous plus points over the traditional vehicles. Its cost efficiency and eco-friendliness makes it an admirable option. Managing an EV and Solar PV ground mount Dubai is not difficult. Still, few points need to be taken care of as a new EV owner. Let us look at four tips of them.

New EV batteries are made of lithium-ion i.e., different from traditional vehicles. Thus, they need quite different cared. Here are a few points to ensure while charging the battery.

We have a tendency to charge our phone to full. This can’t be applied in EV batteries. EV batteries/ Solar PV ground mount Dubai work most efficiently when they are charged between 30% to 90%. Keelung the battery always full might harm their lifespan.

our services includes:

  • - Service + maintenance
  • - Solar System operation installation
  • - Plant refurbishment
  • - Switchgear upgrades
  • - Technical support

  • - Staff trainings
  • - Rooftop safety installation + maintenance
  • - Ground mount solar PV
  • - Inverter testing & repairs
  • - Solar Carports

Please see for further information on the services we offer or contact us for a site visit to discuss your requirements.