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Health & Safety

Pure Energy is a channel partner of Lifegear & leading distributor of fall protection systems and working at height safety equipment in GCC region.

Rooftop Fall Arrest System - Rooftop installation - solar rooftop installation
Rooftop Fall Arrest System – rooftop installation company in India Horizontal Lifeline System (or Hill System), fall Protection lifeline system are your next line of fall protection. Lifeline system can be arrest workers in the events of a fall (activive system), or restrain workers from reaching a fall hazards (restraint).

Rooftop lifeline are common falll protection solutions over the roof work areas that lack existing anchor points for personnel tie -off. In simplest form, rooftop horizontal lifeline consists of a cable attached to two or more anchor point on a roof, that poses a fall risk to peronnel.

Rooftop Fall Arrest System – rooftop installation company in India. Solar roof top installation
Our team of safety specialists can partner with you to design, fabricate and install a permanrnt rooftop horizontal lifeline system for flat and sloped roofs.

Working on a height or elevated jobs are one of the most dangerous jobs. Despite of local and international awareness, number of cases is still being reported. A number of safety measures have been published in the journals. Still, it can not be applied on falls from height. Here are few Safety lifelines UAE and tips on how to best utilize the Self-Retracting lifelines.

We have developed execution strategy to minimize risk and maximize safety, quality, and schedule control.

  • We offer services:
  • - Design
  • - Site Survey
  • - Installation
  • - Training
  • Key products:
  • - Permanent fall protection system
  • - Horizontal Lifeline System
  • - Vertical Lifeline System
  • - Fall Prevention System (Skylight Protection)
  • - Safety Harness

Health & Safety

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